As the temperature climbs my seedlings grew!

The last few weeks the seedlings have doubled in size, I even have flowers. They are looking good.


Mystery seedlings

I planted 6 tomato seedlings I found on my compost heap so I won’t know what type they are untiil they fruit.

I bought a grape tomato seedling and grew 2 cherry seedlings from seed. I also purchased a capsicium plant, italian parsley, dill, basil and thyme seedling and as after thought I also bought some cucumber seedlings.

I planted them a about a month ago and tucked them in with sugar cane mulch.

Seedlings at 26 August.
Herbs at 26 August

Many hours later…

Possum Proof Patch

Assembly required!

Last month I finaly got around to building my raised garden beds.



Black thumb strikes again…

While my herbs are doing well, my tommato plants and cucumber plants are dying. 😦      I have had about 4 tommatoes and 3 cucumbers.

Under the palm trees is probably not the best spot for the vegies. I will have to do the raised garden bed at the bottom of the garden soon, I think.

I just want to eat home grown tommatoes!!

Sad tommatoes

A snapshot of the my front yard

So far in the front yard I have been removing weeds and ferns from the front yard. I have sown a packet of seeds called mixed rockery flowers in the lower left bed next to the stairs. Looking foward to seeing what they will look like and waiting to find out what the passion fruit will taste like!

My front yard

How I have grown!

The hot weather and all the rain have been excellent conditions for growth. My cucumber plant is all full of blooms, and there are even some tomatoes on my tomato plants.

I have also been planting some natives in other parts of the back yard. My natives on the retaining wall are Yareena and Grevillea Fairy Floss, I also included a non- native ground cover of Rosemary called Huntingtons Carpet. They were planted about 3 weeks ago and are still alive (see pictures).


World’s best sentry!



Midnight. My sentry sounded the alarm! Maybe the Possum had finally decided that the bird neting was not much of a barrier. I rushed out, grabbed the torch, scanned my veggy patch, nothing.

I shined the torch on my sentry in the middle of the yard. There he was furiously barking at the intruders, two cane toads. I grabbed a broom to see if I could move them along so my sentry would stop barking, they just rolled over like big fat heavy balls. I gave up. We went inside.

The Possum has been visiting most nights, but all my sentry does when the Possum comes is dance bellow the palm trees and gives a barkless bark, but for the cane toads he wakes the neighbourhood!

I’m sure it seems logical to him.



Last night we saw the possum! He is big! We heard him first then spotted him (with the help of a torch) in one of the palm trees above my veggie patch.

He is also kinda cute so I chopped up a ripe banana and placed it on the shed at the other side of the garden.

My bribe worked, in the morning the banana was gone and the veggie patch was still intact.

We have had lots of rain over the last couple of days and everything is growing well!

Possum vs Bird Netting

Out came the bird netting, I was so confident that I planted 4 new tomato seedlings. Flaw in the plan, I did not completly seal the ends. The result was that the next night 2 more tomato and 1 zucchini seedlings were sacrificed.

The next day I modified the netting to make sure that there were NO gaps, also I used tent pegs to secure the bottom, added bells to alert my sentry and watered the whole area with a seaweed fertiliser (seems possums don’t like fishy smells).

Now I was ready to do battle.

So far 2 nights no damage.

Possum Repellent


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